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Independence Day of Kuwait 25th February
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I cant message you ! I really need your help Superman .. i dont joke .. maybe you can solve my problem ! I waiting you to come
i really need your help , i really want to ask you something about this site ! if you can help me contact me~
:angel :angel :angel Hey!!!!
Why did you limit the messages to yourself? I am waiting for you for a long time to give you a pleasant time) I really want that dreams come true, now my dream is that you would visit me)) I'll be in seventh heaven from the sastya) It's possible...
The most remarkable man. I love you.
I'm still very little on this site ... you really supper men ?? the time spent with you was hot, wild, suashedshim, but at the same time sweet
Hope one day u will see me and enjoy few times... I would like it
♡ Happy Valentine's day ♡

On this day of February,
Winter and cold,
I'm sending a piece of caress
Warm, carefree.

And love a little bit,
The kiss is hot,
Tenderness in the palms
Immediately I'll hide it.

Let all this be with you
In the heart warms,
So that it was summer
Eternal. I embrace. ♡♡♡
Happy Valentine's Day, Let Love Surround Us Always and Everywhere!!!♡
Happy St. Valentine's Day, Superman.💙

At the end of winter, when everyone is waiting for spring,
We are greeted by the February day of love.
On the day of all the lovers I want to wish
Live in happiness, smile and dream,

A moment to enjoy and love,
And next to the hearts that love us to be.
Let it flourish all around from gentle words,
And the air fills the aroma of flowers!💙💙💙
.---/---(o _ o)---\
----\-*.-( 0 )-*.-/
--- _'-. ._'='_. .-'_
.-\_))-----'#'---- ((_/
...---\-..\'#. .#'/-../
----((___) '#' (___))